POP Peeper Plus Pack heute für nur $5


POP Peeper Plus Pack

kostet regulär 10 Dollar, kriegen Sie dank Bits du Jour heute jedoch zum halben Preis, also für nur 5 Dollar. Das Freeware-Mailprogramm POP Peeper habe ich Ihnen hier bereits im Mai 2008 empfohlen. Inzwischen gibt es eine Pro-Version für $29.95, deutsche Sprachdatei inklusive. Also husch husch ins PC-Körbchen damit!

POP Peeper is an email notifier that runs in your Windows taskbar and alerts you when you have new email on any of your accounts.  Send email directly from POP Peeper with spell checking and use the address book to email your frequently used contacts. A powerful AntiJunk system will clean up your inbox so you won’t be distracted by new email only to discover that it’s spam.  POP Peeper allows you to view messages using HTML or you can choose to safely view all messages in rich or plain text.  POP Peeper can be run from a portable device and can be password protected.  Many notification options are available to indicate when new email has arrived, such as sound alerts (configurable for each account), skinnable popup notifier, voice notification and more.

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