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ist ganz fast Feines! Cameyo packt ein Programm in eine einzige EXE-Datei, die dann portabel ist und nicht mehr installiert zu werden braucht, also keinerlei Änderungen in der Registry etc. vornimmt. Für Privatanwender gibt’s den Software-Virtualisierer kostenlos. Wir danken!

Application Virtualization – A virtual application is a single EXE file that holds an entire application including files, DLLs and registry. Virtual apps are isolated from your system and can be copied & moved from one computer to another without installation.

Everyone is talking about mobility and cloud. Today you can transport music, documents, worksheets and contacts everywhere. Ever noticed something’s missing from the list? Windows apps cannot be transported.
If you need to take an app from your desktop machine to your laptop, or to your office, or even to a friend – you’ll have to reinstall and reconfigure it.
Not if you packaged that app with Cameyo.

With Cameyo, you can always access your favorite apps from a directory, a USB key or the cloud with just a browser. Don’t want to install an app that you don’t use often? No problem, just archive it as a standalone EXE file in some folder, and launch it only when you need it.

Wer’s genauer wissen will, sieht sich das Cameyo-Video an und studiert den User Guide.


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