MainType Schriften-Manager heute geschenkt



kriegen Sie dank Bits du Jour heute geschenkt. Morgen will High-Logic wieder 39 Dollar für den Schriften-Manager haben. Also husch husch ins PC-Körbchen damit!

MainType makes it simple to find, preview, organize, install, and print your fonts. MainType supports all common font formats: TrueType, OpenType, TrueType Collections, and Postscript Type 1 fonts. Unlike simple font preview applications, MainType is designed for graphic artists, typographers, and other power users who demand high-end functionality such as network support, plug-ins, advanced categorizing, searching capabilities, and fast searches for the fonts that you need.

MainType is fast even when running on systems with tens of thousands of fonts. The database design makes it simple to back up and restore your font library. Network support allows access to fonts that are stored on a network drive. It also contains a font information panel that allows you to compare fonts side-by-side and reveals important typographic data.

Wer morgen hier zu spät kommt und auch so einen Font-Manager will, kann sich mal die Freeware AMP Font Viewer & Nexus Font ansehen. Auch lohnt es sich fast immer, die Open Source Software zu durchforsten: Opensource-DVD 36Open Source als Alternative zu Kauf-Software.


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