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fusioniert demnächst mit Time Machine, mein Favorit unter den Backup- & Image-Programmen. Time Machine kostet 40 Dollar, Realcopy kriegen Sie (noch) geschenkt. Also husch husch ins PC-Körbchen damit!

One-click Peace of Mind! Wouldn’t it be brilliant if with one button your complete computer system came back to operation instantly, even in hardware failure situations? With Realcopy, it does by allowing you to see all your files, data and applications running perfectly (as a virtual machine) – directly from the backup. No other backup software provides its user with this level of confidence. This makes Realcopy the simplest one-click disaster recovery and validation system on the market. Yet another reason why Realcopy is the most amazing free backup solution.

Alternativer Backup-Software und diverse Cloud-Backups finden Sie hier: Copy verschenkt 15 GB Speicher.


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