FileStream Turbo Browser heute geschenkt


FileStream Turbo Browser

kriegen Sie als Giveaway heute geschenkt. Morgen will FileStream wieder wieder 70 Dollar für den Foto- & Dokument-Manager. Also husch husch ins PC-Körbchen damit!

From editing or optimizing individual or groups of digital photos to managing all your PDF and Office Documents, this multiple award winning software lets you organize, group convert and optimize, create DVD/CD, slideshow, group rename, change file properties, print, compress, upload, download, publish Web sites, plus edit HTML, script, text, RTF, and HEX in its color coded editor. There is no other software that lets you do so much all in one place. This latest new release supports all popular digital camera RAW formats; it also supports burning to Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs.

CNet gibt dem Turbo Browser übrigens 4 Sterne: Excellent. Wir danken für dieses tolle Programm!


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