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Undelete Plus

Irren ist menschlich. Wenn Sie also versehentlich Dateien auf Ihrem Computer gelöscht haben, können Sie die mit Undelete Plus sofort wieder herstellen. Undelete Plus ist Freeware und wurde mit Preisen nur so überhäuft.

Important Information: The following three things are important for a successful restoration: (1) The more recent your last defrag was the better your chance of recovering the deleted file so defrag often (at least once a week). DO NOT defrag the disk after you decide to try and retrieve an erased file. 2) Every time that you computer writes to disk the chances increase that your deleted file will be overwritten. The sooner you make a restoration attempt the more likely you will be successful. (3) the smaller the size of the file – the better our chance of success is to restore it.

When Undelete Plus saves a restored file it reads its content and then writes it to a new file with the same name. It is recommended that you save the files that you are recovering to another disk because of the risk of overwriting other files that you may be trying to recover with the newly recovered one that you are saving. It would be best not to save the retrieved files back to the same hard drive until after completing all attempts to retrieve any lost files. This will minimize the chance of corrupting any remaining lost files.

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